Tuesday, June 22, 2010

csn.com stores review

I recently had the opportunity to review a product from CSN. I decided to be practical and chose an Omega Paw Roll'n Clean Litter Box. I choose the large size for two reason. One, I have two cats. Two, one of my cats is pretty large herself and I wanted to be sure she has ample room to do her business. 

Description from CSN:
 The unique patented grill inside the Roll'n Clean scoops out the clumped waste, depositing it into the pull-out tray. Just roll the litter box onto its top, and roll back to the up-right position. Remove the tray and dispose of waste!.

Features {from site}:
  • Just roll the litter box onto its top
  • Roll back to the up-right position
  • Remove the tray and dispose of waste
  • Regular: 18" H x 20" W x 18" D
  • Large: 21" H x 23" W x 20" D
  • Price: $36.95 plus FREE SHIPPING


This is the litter box straight from the box it arrived in. I was immediately impressed with its size. And the colors are great as well: a nice mossy green top and khaki base. 

 The cardboard piece that keeps everything together had detailed pictures of the steps to removing the fecal matter when it is time to change the litter. 


Here are the four pieces that make up the litter box laid out. The top, the base, the grill screen, and the pull out tray.


This is the base with the grill screen in place. This will separate the clean litter from the fecal matter when you are rolling the box to get rid of the waste.

This is the litter box completed. I placed the lid on and snapped it securely into place. I also added the litter scoop tray as well.


I added a bit of litter just for the sake of showing you what it would look like with litter. :)


I put more litter in later and let the cats go about there business. I was not sure if they would be willing to use a new litter box...but, it was not an issue for either of them. When it comes time to clean the box, you just roll the litter box to the right (and the clean litter will go through the grill screen) and the waste matter will fall into the pull out try. Then you roll it back into the upright position and pull out the tray and dump the waste. EASY!! For me, the feces easily fell into the tray when I was rolling the box...but the pee clumps didn't because they stuck to the base. I still had to take the lid off and manually clean them out with my scooper from the other litter box...which kind of defeats the purpose of this litter box. I didn't take pictures of the actual litter that I was able to clean from the box...because, really, do you want to see my cats poo??!! 

{Final thoughts overall}: This IS an easy way to clean your litter box without having to use a scooper. We do keep our scooper next to the box to clean any pee clumps that do not fall with the fecal clumps {which is about 50% of the time}. And I have not had to manually remove any of the fecal clumps at all! BIG +
If I need another litter box....yes, I would purchase it again. It does make my litter duty easier. The price is a little high...but, since I am doing half the amount of scooping as I was before, I feel that it is worth it. 

A BIG thanks to Jamie {of the CSN Promotions Team} and CSN for allowing me the opportunity to review this product! I hope to work with you again very soon.

Disclosure- I received a $50 Gift Certificate to CSN Stores to purchase an item to review in exchange for my honest opinions. No other compensation was offered or accepted.  The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Outdoor Fun Event at Take Time to Smell the Rose!

Hi all.  I just wanted to let everyone know about a new and exciting summer event coming up! I love summer, the warm weather, and all the fun things we can do as a family during it. And Cheri over at Take Time To Smell The Rose is hosting the event and it's called the Outdoor Fun Event! It will be a week long event of reviews and giveaways!

I am really looking forward to some of the awesome sponsors lined up!







Nifty Nappy 
Cloth Diapers: Growing up Green


The Outdoor Fun Event begins June 20! Only a few days from now!
Also, you can earn some extra entries into the giveaways by adding the event button and blogging about the event! {10 extra entries to be exact...that is a lot!}

So head on over to Take Time To Smell the Rose, check out the sponsors, and even add the button and blog!