Thursday, January 27, 2011

Upcoming Ecomom review!

My son and I just received a product to review from Ecomom! I won't spoil it and tell you what it is just yet. But, be on the look out! The review will be here soon!


Friday, January 21, 2011

{Natural} Mommie #giveaway {Tea Collection}


I wanted to share a really awesome giveaway with everyone. 

Amanda at Natural Mommie is hosting a $200 gift certificate giveaway for Tea Collection! Tea Collection is a wonderful clothing store with an amazing array of infant, children, and womens clothing.  I just ordered this vest and shirt for my son! I got them today in the mail and I can not wait to see them on him. SO cute! If you win, you can get a lot for $200{especially if you order via the sale section!}. They have great shipping rates {$8 total, unless you spend over $150 and then it is free!}and their shipping is super fast! I ordered my stuff a week ago and it's here already. Here are some great examples:

          T513019           B1S2702

So make sure you head over to the giveaway and enter! It ends February 21st at 8PM MST and is available to US and Canada residents only. Good luck!


CSN Stores {if you have not heard of them by now} is an online shoppers paradise. With over 200+ stores, you can find everything from upholstered headboards to swing sets for kids
I want spring to arrive soon...but not just for the warm weather, birds chirping, and all the pretty's because I want to get this for my son:

Here is the Flexible Flyer Fun Fantastic Swing Set 
{Price: $225.99 Includes: Free Shipping!}                                                    

Flexible Flyer - 41577T - Fun Fantastic Swing Set

This awesome Kidwise Kaleida Disco Jumper with Ball Pit 
{Price: $389 Includes: Free Shipping!}

            Kidwise - FJC-201-01-B - Kaleida Disco Jumper with Ball Pit


or this for me:
Stunning Skyline Furniture Tufted High Arch Headboard in Pearl {upholstered headboard}. Gorgeous!
{Price: $299 Includes: Free Shipping!}

            Skyline Furniture - 862 / 863 (Pearl) - Tufted High Arch Headboard in Pearl
So, as you can see, CSN Stores has amazing stuff. Their variety is endless. I have worked with them in the past on reviews and giveaways. I have placed several orders with them and love everything. 
And, you my readers, are really lucky. Because CSN has offered to work with me again. I am going to be hosting a giveaway soon. I can't tell you when just yet, but I's going to be awesome. You are not going to want to miss it. Keep a look out!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Froggy Hat

I totally COULD NOT get away with wearing this: 

Image of Frog and Kiss Hat

Frog and Kiss Hat: Polka Dot Robot



This was not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I thought I would share what I won today {I haven't received these things yet, I just received notification that I won}. 

~Hamburger Helper Giveaway {Blog: Operation Sippy Cup}
     Thanks so much Kathryn {and MyBlogSpark}!

~Tonka Strong Arm Truck giveaway {Blog: OurKidsMom!}   

                                                Tonka Strong Arm Garbage Truck
Thanks so much Heather {and Funrise Toys!}

~$75 Gift Card to Tea Collection {Blog: Giveaways 4 Mommy}

Thanks so much April {and Tea Collection!}



I have a new love. OWLS. {hey, it's better then my oldest love....PIGS} I have already decided that the next baby we have will have am owl themed nursery . Actually, I have been seeing that as a theme a lot lately...but I don't care. 

I love this :  
                                Winking Wisecracker Jar: $68

You can get it at Anthropologie. Perfect for the kitchen. For cookies. Or crackers. Or as a keepsake jar for the baby's room {eventually that is}. 


This was not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wow...I just realized how long it has been since I posted. It's been awhile! 

I just went through all my buttons...tons of them were not working {or needed to be changed}. I cut a lot of them out. It makes my blog a lot easier to load and not so cluttered. I just left up the buttons to my very favorite blogs. 

I feel so much better now! 

I really should post more. But, I spend more time entering giveaways then anything else when I am online. 

At least I can be honest with myself. ha

I have been really lucky this past year with giveaways. I won several and it really helped round out Christmas for my son and others in my family. is tight...I did what I could to make it special for Lawson. I have won a few already in the new year. I will be saving the majority of my wins over the next few months for Lawson's birthday in June and then for Christmas 2011. 

Andy and I are looking forward to tax time so we can move.Quarters are tight right would be really nice to spread out a bit. And for Lawson to have a room of his own again. His toys are taking over. Plus, it would give me big incentive to go through all of his stuff and starting making a donate pile {or 10}. I will be doing the same for my things, Andy's things, and the rest of the stuff we have in our two storage units {yuck...2! that is crazy....and expensive}. If we have been going this long without the stuff do we really need it? I doubt that we need it all. But I know that as soon as I open my units I will be like, "Hey, I have been wondering where that was!" or "Man, I really needed that two months ago.". 

We are looking for places in the Twin Tiers NY/PA area. Since Andy works in Tioga, Pa it would make sense to live in Pennsylvania. So that is where the main focus of our search is. But, we are not opposed to staying in NY long as it is close enough to the border to make traveling to work as easy as possible {and uses as little gas as possible}.