Sunday, March 21, 2010

Elk Kids Shoes review

I recently won a pair of Elk Kids shoes from An Island Life. I got to pick a pair of shoes from their website. I choose the Miles shoes. A cute combination of gray, ivory, and yellow. I got them in size 9 with the thought that my son would be able to grow into them. We got them in the mail and put them on him right away. They are big on him. If he runs around, they easily fly off. But it's okay, we just set them aside for the fall, when he will fit into them with no problem. I think that they are super cute and my son really likes them. They kind of remind me of retro bowling shoes. The material is super soft leather. The shoes are really flexible...the soles are not super hard. And they are easy to clean, Lawson got one nice dirt swipe when he tried them on, and it came right off.        

Miles   These are the shoes we got for Lawson. Cute, right?!?!
Miles shoes priced at $35.42.

There are lot's of cute options for any of you that are looking for cute shoes that are also good for your child's growing feet.  They have a HUGE selection of soft soled baby shoes. Right now they are having sales on selected shoes 39-40% off!

ELK Boots cream These are the Elk Boots in Cream. Normally   $35.42 on sale for $21.52. That is  
39% off. 

ELK Hearts white These are the Elk Hearts in white for only $25.
As you can see, they have super cute shoes for your infants and your toddlers. The prices are great, especially for the quality you are getting. I only wish I had some more pairs sooner!
You can check out all of Elk Kids shoes here:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fluff the Butt Cloth Diaper Event at The Eco-Cheap Mom!

I have recently discovered cloth diapers as being an option to diaper your baby as opposed to the conventional disposable diapers. My 2 and a half year old wants nothing to do with cloth. :( I am very saddened by that. I have won several cloth diapers and really wanted him to take to them. Not just because  they are cute, but because they would save me money and unnecessary waste in the landfills. No such luck. But, that is not stopping me from stocking up anyway. You see...eventually, we plan to have another baby. And there will be no Huggies or Pampers with the next one. The next baby will not even have a choice. Not that my son has a's just that he will not let me put one on him. He walks right over to where is other diapers are and hands me one of them. Anyway, I enter tons of giveaways for cloth diapers and with a bit of luck now and then, I win one here and there. 

So, for anyone that cloth diapers their babies or plans to,
I have found a great blog that will be hosting a whole 
month of reviews and giveaways with everything cloth 
related! The Fluff the Bum Event will be held starting 
April 1st over at The Eco-Cheap Mom by Chanda!
I am super excited. There will be at least 22 awesome 
giveaways to look forward to and so many wonderful 
reviews. She will be focusing on diapers that are most 
like regular disposables. She wants to show us disposable 
diapering moms and dads how easy cloth diapering can be!

So, I for one am super excited! And for anyone that has a 
blog, you can add the event button to your blog sidebar and 
blog about the event for an extra 10 entires into the giveaways! 
Just make sure to blog and post the event button before the 
1st of April and make sure you keep the button up for the 
entire month. You can go here to get the event button and post 
a comment with a link to your blog showing your event blog post! Easy as pie. :-)