Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I am so excited right now. I was literally jumping up and down in the computer chair! But soon realized that if I want the chair to last me a long time, I should stop! LOL. 

You may be asking why.

Here is a hint:

EverythinginBetween Button

I HAVE A BUTTON! YEA!!! And it is sooooo PRETTY!!!  I had been wanting one, but honestly had do idea how to make one...and was too embarrassed to ask someone. So, the other day, I was contacted by Davney over at Giveaways For Mom. She wanted to do a button exchange. I was more than willing to add her button to my blog. But, I sheepishly had to admit that I did not have a button of my own to exchange with her. She kindly offered to make one for me! She did such a wonderful job. I am sure it was super easy...and one day I will have to try and make one myself. But until then...I have this wonderful one to use! :) 

Thank you Davney!!!

And since I have this new addition, I decided to add it onto the list of extra entries for giveaways. So, if you have a blog (and think that your reader would like mine), please feel free to add my button to your blog. You will get 3 extra entries into each giveaway for doing so. Just make sure it is on your main page where I can find it. And make sure to leave the link to your blog in each comment so that I can check it out! Easy peasy. 



  1. It is lovely!!!

    Wish someone would make me one, or show me how.

  2. i want a button!!!


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