Monday, January 10, 2011

Wow...I just realized how long it has been since I posted. It's been awhile! 

I just went through all my buttons...tons of them were not working {or needed to be changed}. I cut a lot of them out. It makes my blog a lot easier to load and not so cluttered. I just left up the buttons to my very favorite blogs. 

I feel so much better now! 

I really should post more. But, I spend more time entering giveaways then anything else when I am online. 

At least I can be honest with myself. ha

I have been really lucky this past year with giveaways. I won several and it really helped round out Christmas for my son and others in my family. is tight...I did what I could to make it special for Lawson. I have won a few already in the new year. I will be saving the majority of my wins over the next few months for Lawson's birthday in June and then for Christmas 2011. 

Andy and I are looking forward to tax time so we can move.Quarters are tight right would be really nice to spread out a bit. And for Lawson to have a room of his own again. His toys are taking over. Plus, it would give me big incentive to go through all of his stuff and starting making a donate pile {or 10}. I will be doing the same for my things, Andy's things, and the rest of the stuff we have in our two storage units {yuck...2! that is crazy....and expensive}. If we have been going this long without the stuff do we really need it? I doubt that we need it all. But I know that as soon as I open my units I will be like, "Hey, I have been wondering where that was!" or "Man, I really needed that two months ago.". 

We are looking for places in the Twin Tiers NY/PA area. Since Andy works in Tioga, Pa it would make sense to live in Pennsylvania. So that is where the main focus of our search is. But, we are not opposed to staying in NY long as it is close enough to the border to make traveling to work as easy as possible {and uses as little gas as possible}. 


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