Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy News!

Happy news for my fiancée and I!  I am pregnant! Yaaaaayyyyy!! We are really excited. Lawson is 3.5 years old and he is so excited to be getting another brother or sister. He has 3 siblings that are much older then him {from my fiancées previous marriage} whom he adores. But since none of them are living with us {at this given time} it would be awesome for him to have a sibling at home with him everyday to play with.

We would be happy with a boy or a girl. Either way, it doesn't matter to use. As long as the baby is healthy and I have an easy pregnancy. I had a very easy and uneventful pregnancy with Lawson 4 years I don't expect too much to be different. The only thing that might be different is my blood pressure was pretty high the other day and it looks like I might need meds for that...not cool when you are only 25. And I am overweight (not just a few pounds either}...and while the doctor has not said this to me yet, I already know that weight gain during this pregnancy is NOT an option. I actually need to gradually shed some pounds as the pregnancy progresses. So it looks like I will be doing lots of walking this summer.

So far it looks like we are due November 18th. But, I am wonky with my periods, so it actually could be December as well. I have an ultrasound next week on the 12th which will include a crown to rump measurement and it will give us a much better idea of the due date in conjunction with my last period. I am hoping for November, but December would be great too. Either way, the baby should be here in time for Christmas. Awesome!!

Anyway, that's my exciting news for the day! Have a good one.

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