Thursday, January 28, 2010

fixR Giveaway/Contest for Wii/Wii Fit and Black and Decker products!!

Giveaway/Contest: Wii and Wii Fit Plus and Black and Decker products! 

   What is fixR?? Here is how it works: Homeowners submit remodeling projects. Contractors submit estimates for those jobs and try to "win" them. When a contractor "bids" on your project, fixR notifies other contractors so that they can adjust their bids to try and win the work. And, homeowners can review contractor so that others can check out their reputation before hiring. How awesome is that? I have never heard of anything like it.

  Now, fixR is having a fun and easy to enter contest! Here are the prizes:


First Prize: Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii Fit valued at $289!

(note: 1 winner)

wii, wii fit plus giveaway


 Second Prize: Black and Decker PS18FDPK 18 Volt 51 Piece Project Kit valued at $130!

 (note: 2 winners)

fixR Giveaway - Black and Decker Tool Set


Third Prize: Black and Decker XD1200k 12 Volt Ni-Cad 1/4 Inch Hex Cordless 5 Position Drill/Driver Kit values at $80! 

(note: 2 winners)


fixR Giveaway - Black Decker Swiveling Drill Set

1. Follow them (fixR_com) on twitter and retweet
2. Enter on Facebook by clicking the Promotions tab. But make sure you become a fan of them as well!
3 You can blog about the contest on your personal blog.

You get points for each way you enter. For following/retweeting on Twitter you get 2 points. For entering on Facebook/becoming a fan you get 2 points. And for get 3 points. The more ways you enter, the better your chance of winning. The winners are chosen based on points. If there is a are chosen based on how good their blog post is or their Facebook shares are or how many RT's they get.

I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!! I know that my entire family would love the Wii and the Wii Fit. I really want something that the entire family can enjoy. And I think that this is it. But, I also really like the Project Kit and the Drill/Driver Kit as well. I know that my fiancee could really benefit from them. We always have some sort of project going on or something to fix up. So, I would love to be a winner of any of these prizes.

This contest is ending on February 8th. Only about a week and a half left. So, make sure you enter!

And, you can check out my tweet here: 
It would be really great if you retweet my twitter comment!!! Just click the retweet tab under my comment!

Good luck to all! And a big thanks to fixR for having this fun and very generous contest!!

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