Saturday, January 2, 2010

Take Time to Smell the Rose Giveaway!!!


I just remembered that there is a HUGE (!!!) One-size cloth diaper giveaway event going on over at Take Time to Smell the Rose .  I am so excited about it! It actually started yesterday, January 1 and goes until January 22 nd. I just totally forgot to blog about I was not home yesterday...or the day before. (car problems)

Chari will be sharing a lot with us. The features of each diaper, what she likes most about each one,etc. She will be talking about and sharing 22 different brands of diapers. That is a lot!!
Some of the sponsers: Happy Heinys~Nifty Nappy~Bummis and so many more!

So make sure you start entering! I am headed over to the first giveaway ~Happy Heinys~ giveaway right now. You can too, right here:

Then I will be entering the second giveaway ~Nicker Nappies~

Good luck!

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