Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Giveaway at Park-Avenue Princess


I posted the other day about a great giveaway going on over at Park-Avenue Princess.....and guess what? She has another great book up for a giveaway. And there will be 3, very lucky winners!! I am hoping to be one of them.

The book is Fallen, by Lauren Kate. I have heard so many good things about this book. I do not think that I have read a bad review yet. I probably won't either. I am entering this giveaway, and if you like to read, then you should too. If you are not a follower of the blog, become one, and that is your first entry into the giveaway. Of course, there are other ways to get extra entries as well.

  If you are not already a follower and want to follow and enter the giveaway...great! You can get 50 EXTRA points *entries* into the giveaway just by commenting like this:
  1st comment:  +1 for becoming a follower
  2nd comment: +50 for being referred by Rebecca Orr *bekki1820cb at gmail*

Than email me at bekki1820cb at gmail dot com (or comment on this post) and let me know that you posted a comment saying that you where referred by me for the giveaway. The reason I would like you to email me (or comment), is because I also get 50 EXTRA points *entries* for referring a new follower!!! So if I refer 3 people, each person gets an extra 50 points, and I get 150 extra! Also, if you refer friends, you get extra points, and so do they! How exciting is that!!!

You can enter the giveaway here:  http://aparkavenueprincess.blogspot.com/2010/01/fallen-by-lauren-kate-giveaway.html#comment-form

 There is one catch, you MUST have a US address for the book to be sent to. If not, you can not win. I am pretty sure that if you live in Canada, but have a friend in the US that you accept the book on your behalf that is okay. But I would email Amy to find out for sure. So...good luck!

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